Crossword Puzzle

Expressions and Collocations

To help you develop your language skills, we recommend doing as many exercises or puzzles related to English as possible.  This week’s crossword puzzle is about expressions and collocations.  A collocation can be a verb noun combination or a verb preposition combination, etc.  Expressions can be three or more words together that have a unique meaning.  In this crossword puzzle, the words all run together as if it were one word.  Just remember that collocations and expressions are made up of individual words.  For example: Break up with (meaning to terminate a marriage or partnership) in a crossword puzzle would look like: breakupwith.  This puzzle is designed for upper intermediate to advanced English students.

Crossword Expressions and Collocations

Expressions and Collocations



collocation with “take” meaning “assume

responsibility or control” (8)


collocation with “take” meaning “hire,

employ” (6)


A similar meaning to “think of or invent” (10)(three words)


collocation with “take” meaning “make

something fail” (8)



A similar meaning to “be excited about…” (13)(three words)


collocation with “take meaning “occur” (9)


A similar meaning to “tolerate” (9)(three words)

We hope you enjoyed this crossword puzzle.   Look for the answers in next week’s post and be sure to subscribe to receive these posts in your email.  Thank you

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