Tips for improving your English listening skills

Tips for improving your listening

Tips for improving your listening

Listening is probably one of the most difficult skills to develop when learning any foreign language.  Some things to remember to do when working on your listening are as follows:


When you are stressed, any language learning skill can be made more difficult.  If you take some time to relax, maybe even do some meditation or deep breathing exercises before you begin, you might find that listening exercises become easier.


If you are going to practice your listening, why not choose something you enjoy.  Music has been a great media for people to improve their English.  When you choose material that you enjoy, you are able to capture more in your listening exercises.  It is likely that when you listen to something you like, you already know some or most of the vocabulary.  In regards to music, listen carefully to how each word is pronounced and repeat along with the singer (if you have the lyric sheet).  In addition to music, audio books can be a great source of listening practice.  Make sure you have Window´s media player or some other type of media player installed.  If the speed of the speaker is too fast at first, some players have a speed option where you can slow down the velocity of the recording without changing the pitch of the speaker.

Write it down

If you are listening to a song or an audio book, have a pencil or pen and a piece of paper and spend some time writing words you understand from the listening.  Use context to figure out the words you don’t know.  This skill can be useful in real life settings when listening to people speak.  Concentrate on what you do understand. It is ok if you don’t understand everything.

Don’t translate

When you encounter words that you don’t know, do not translate them.  If your mind is busy translating an unknown word, you will miss vital contextual information and you won’t hear what the speaker is saying.


Relax, Enjoy, Write it down and Don´t translate.  Using these tips will gradually build your capacity to listen with more effectiveness.  If you have a suggestion or comment to add to this post, make sure you do so by clicking on the comment button.  Thank you for reading.

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