English Vocabulary Word Search

In this weeks exercise, we have included a word search puzzle for your enjoyment.  The theme for this puzzle is centered on looking for a job.  You will find the list of words at the bottom of the puzzle.  Also, at the very end of this post, we have the answers to  last week’s crossword puzzle. So, with that… Enjoy!

Finding a job word search

Finding a job

 Word list:  apprenticeship, work placement, search, advertisement, hire, résumé, post, recruit, invites, apply, candidate, job seeker, interview, offer, accept.                                                                                

As an added challenge, there are other words hidden in this word search.  See how many extra words you can find.                   

Good Luck!

Be sure to come back to see the solution to this puzzle next Friday.  If you enjoyed this or other puzzles in our blog, make sure to comment at the bottom of our blog.  Share us with all of your friends that you know enjoy crossword puzzles and word searches.  To subscribe to our blog, simply click on the “Follow” button and enter your email address.  It is very easy.  After confirming your subscription, you will get our blog in your email.  How convenient!  Thank you for reading.

Answers to last week’s crossword puzzle

Answers to last week's puzzle

Answers to last week's puzzle


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