Crossword Puzzle The Office

Today’s Crossword puzzle is about things you can find in an office.  Good luck!

The Office Crossword Puzzle

The Office Crossword Puzzle

Across Down

A device for fastening papers together with staples. (7)


A wipeable board with a white surface used for teaching or presentations. (10)


Material manufactured in thin sheets from the pulp of wood or other fibrous substances, used for writing or printing on or as wrapping material. (5)


A panel of keys for use with a computer or typewriter. (8)


A large piece of office furniture with deep drawers for storing files. (6,7)


An electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) and performing a sequence of logical operations. (8)


A piece of furniture with a flat or sloped surface at which one can read, write, or do other work. (4)



A machine for printing text or pictures. (7)


An instrument used for cutting cloth and paper, consisting of two crossing blades pivoted in the middle and operated by thumb and fingers inserted in rings at each end. (8)


A small hand-held device which is moved across a flat surface to move the cursor on a computer screen. (5)



A continuous band of rubber used in various ways (as for holding together a sheaf of papers) (6,4)


An instrument for writing or drawing with ink, typically consisting of a metal nib or ball, or a nylon tip, fitted into a metal or plastic holder. (3)


A flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document. (8)


A screen which displays an image generated by a computer. (7)


We hope you enjoyed this Crossword Puzzle.  Please check back next Friday for the answers.  Be sure to share us with those who also enjoy crossword puzzles.  Thank you.

Answers for last weeks puzzle.

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