How to Subscribe to Your Favorite Blog

Many people have asked us how to subscribe to a blog and what the advantage is.  Let’s start with the advantage of subscribing to a blog. When you like (or love) the content of a blog and you decide that you want to subscribe, you don’t have to go to that blog site to check if the author has posted or not.  You simply get every new post in your email. How convenient, no?  Of course it is.  As busy people, who has time to always be checking a web site to see if there is a new post in the blog?

Step by Step

The steps involved are short and simple.  I have included photos to aid in the process.  Here we go.

Step One: 

Enter the blog (We assume you are already in our blog) and look for either the “Subscribe” button or the “Follow” button.  We prefer the “Follow” Button.

Step one

Step one

Step Two:

Once you hit the “Follow” button, you will see a place to insert your email address.

Steps 2 and 3

Steps 2 and 3

Step Three:

After you submit your email address, click the “Sign me up!” button.

Step Four:  

This step is the most important!  After you click the “Sign me up!” button, you need to go to your email (the same email you input into the “Enter email address” box) and confirm by clicking on the “Confirm” button in the email you just received.

That is all it takes to subscribe to a blog.  Some blogs may be a little bit different but that is basically how it is done.  If you have any questions, please post them as a comment at the end of the post. Thank you.

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My name is James. I work as a teacher and marketer with English Workshop in Mexico City. We provide Business English courses to aspiring people who are looking to move up the career ladder or simply become more international. I have been with English Workshop for around two years and I very much enjoy the teaching and marketing profession.
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