Make a Picture

Silvia just came back from her trip to Germany.  She had purchased a new digital camera before her trip and she couldn’t wait to review all the new pictures.  Arriving at home, Gina, her room-mate, came out from her room to greet her.  “Hi, Silvia.” Gina said. As she hugged Silvia, she asked, “How was your trip?”

Silvia threw herself onto the sofa and replied, “Great!” “I am tired, hungry, but most of all really excited to show you all the pictures I made.”

Gina looked at Silvia’s suitcases and said jokingly, “Where are they and how did you fit the ‘pictures you made’ into your luggage?”

pictures you made

How did you fit all the pictures you made into your luggage?

Take vs. Make

Silvia’s face began to show signs of confusion as she pulled her digital camera from her purse.  “The pictures are here, in my camera.”

“I know Silvia.” “I was just teasing you.” Gina Said reassuringly.  She continued, “When someone says they made a picture or pictures, it mean they made it physically, like with different materials, wood, paper, glue, hammer, nails, et cetera.”

“Then I should have said…”Silvia started

”Took.” Gina interrupted.


Took is the past tense of take.  When we make something, it is usually referring to the act of creating something.  In photography, we generally use the verb take.  We can make dinner, make a cake, make time to do something, make a bed (presentable), make a picture frame, make a decision (take in British English), and even make a list.  When it comes to taking, we can take a picture, take time (to smell the flowers), take a stand (against wrongdoing), and even take a moment (to think about subscribing to this blog).  There are many different uses of Make and Take.

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