The First Conditional

The First Conditional

The First Conditional

In today’s post, we are looking at The first Conditional.  The simplest way to handle the first Conditional is to break the sentence into two halves.   Let’s look at some examples.

  • If the client rejects our proposal, we’ll (we will) have to come up with a new idea.
  • Most people will complain if you provide bad service.

In the first example, we start the sentence with the word If followed by a verb in the present tense. At the comma, we start the second half of the sentence.  The second half of this sentence uses the future tense.  In the second example, we don’t see the word If until we come to the second half of the sentence. The sentence starts with the future tense.  Notice how we don’t see a comma.

The rules:

1.) The first conditional is used to talk about the future result of a possible action or event.

2.) In the first conditional, the verb after the word If is in the present tense.

3.) The verb in the second half of the sentence refers to the future tense and is generally formed using the verb will.

Time to Practice

Here are some first conditionals exercises for you to practice. At the end of the post, we have provided the answers.  Good luck!

Change the verbs in brackets with present simple or future tense. Some sentences use the negative.

1.) If I (buy) ________ a new cell phone, I (sell) _______ my old one.

2.) You (save) _______ money if you (buy) ________ the electronic version.

3.) I (meet) _______ lots of interesting people if I (work) _______ abroad.

4.) If you (not stop) ________harassing me, I (call) ________ the police.

5.) If Susan (go) _______ to the party, I (not go) __________.

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Here are the answers to the above questions.

1.) If I buy a new cell phone, I’ll (I will) sell my old one.

2.) You’ll save money if you buy the electronic version.

3.) I’ll meet lots of interesting people if I work abroad.

4.) If you don’t stop harassing me, I’ll call the police.

5.) If Susan goes to the party, I won’t go.

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