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Mergers and Acquisitions Word Search

Today’s word search is about Mergers and Acquisitions.  Make sure to click on each word and follow the link to find the definitions.  Good luck. acquisition, affiliate, buyout, demerger, hostile takeover, Leveraged Buyout, raider, takeunder, takeover bid, stock swap, proxy fight, letter of intent, forward triangular merger, breakup value, amalgamation We hope you liked this … Continue reading

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Energy Crossword Puzzle

Today’s Crossword puzzle is about different energy sources or terms related to energy.  Good Luck! Energy Crossword Puzzle Across Down   2. This energy is created by large turbines or fan blades moved by the wind. 4. This type of energy … Continue reading

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Like Vs. Like

This is part two of our post on Like vs. Like.  As we mentioned in our last post, the word like can have many different meanings and cause a lot of confusions to a person first learning English.  Here are … Continue reading

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Would, Would Like

Most students express a lot of confusion with the word like because it has many different meaning depending on the context.  Hopefully we can help you to understand the differences between like and would like. Let’s look at some examples: … Continue reading

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