Like Vs. Like

Like vs. Like

Like vs. Like

This is part two of our post on Like vs. Like.  As we mentioned in our last post, the word like can have many different meanings and cause a lot of confusions to a person first learning English.  Here are some other ways we can use like.

We can use the word like in comparisons.  For example:
He is as tall as mike = He is tall like mike

We can also use the word like as Role indicators.  An example would be:
They fell on the supplies as men starving = They fell on the supplies like starving men.

And finally, we can use the word like to show enjoyment.
I like rock music.

Here are two different ways of using like using the example of ice-cream.

I like ice-cream (I enjoy eating ice-cream because it taste good or because it is sweet and cold).

Ice-cream is like snow (I can compare ice-cream with snow because ice-cream and snow are both cold).

We hope this makes understanding the differences between some of the different words like.

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