How the Brain Learns…

Today, we introduce a new category for teachers and people interested in learning in general.  This post comes from another fellow blogger and we hope that you enjoy the information that it contains.  Thank you.

How your brain learns English (and how it doesn’t)


Hello, there, English learning enthusiasts wherever you are!

It is my pleasure to introduce a new post by ELB guest blogger, Aaron Knight from New York. His post is an excellent resource that complements the previous article on brain matters I recently published on the ELB.  You are invited to explore more great posts by Aaron at this linkEnjoy! 


How your brain learns English (and how it doesn’t)

I sometimes worry that the lessons I write contain too much information.

“Information” includes anything that can be written as a “rule”: grammar rules, explanations of the difference between two words, etc.

It’s OK to learn information about English. But it’s much, much more effective to become used to English through repeated speaking and listening. Here’s why:

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