The Last Night or Last Night?

The last night or last night?

The Last Night or Last Night?

When giving English classes, we sometimes ask what our students did during the previous weekend or night.  The typical response may go something like this:

The last weekend I went to my cousins house for dinner.


The last night I watched the soccer game.

The trouble is the use of the article THEThis mistake is common and easy to make.    When we refer to a previous night, week, or month, we generally omit the article.  In some cases, the use of the article can change the meaning of the sentence.  Take a look at the difference between the following two sentences.

A.) The last night I watched the soccer game.
B.) Last night I watched the soccer game.

The first example can be unclear as to which night we are referring to because the article THE indicates that a particular night was mentioned in an earlier part of the conversation or in the case or order, we might list the nights in order of action.  For example:

On the first night, I ate pizza.  On the second night, I went to the movies.  On the Last night, I watched the soccer game.

Example B is simply referring to the previous night.

Now for a brief reminder of the uses of the definite article THE.  We use this article for

  • nouns already mentioned or specified (I gave the document to him.)
  • nouns that are one of a kind (Go ahead and look it up on the internet.)
  • the superlative for of adjectives (She is the best worker.) 
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