Distrusting the Employee

Distrusting the employee

Distrusting the employee

Liz Ryan is an expert in human resources and one of their main concerns is how to attract and retain the best employees for each company. In her article, she talks about her vision of a system based on distrust of workers-which occupies a lot of time, money, resources and energy-when focus should be applied directly to the company generating profits, benefits to its employees and its customers. How does this system work? Is there consistency? What is the solution?

Bloomberg Businessweek. Company & Industries
The management blog. Top business thinkers on management trends and issues.
“Because Employees Can’t Be Trusted”
Liz Ryan.

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Vocabulary to understand this article.

Word Definition
1 Untrustworthy Not worthy of being trusted
2 Notwithstanding Conj. (subordinating) despite the fact that; although
3 Appraisals An assessment or estimation of the worth, value, or quality of a person or thing
4 Femtosecond One millionth of a nanosecond
5 Relied upon To be trusted
6 Gatherings A group of people, things, etc., that are gathered together; assembly
7 Protracted Extended or lengthened in time; prolonged
8 Conniving To plot together, secretly; conspire
9 Beggars People who stand on the street asking people for money
10 shank To take advantage of someone
11 Quarterly milestones A significant event in life, history, etc. that happens at intervals of three months
12 Quivers Arrows or a case for holding arrows.
13 Breach A breaking, infringement, or violation of a promise, obligation, etc.
14 Treat (Verb transitive) to deal with or regard in a certain manner
15 Guts Internal organs
16 Mistrust To have doubts or suspicions about (someone or something)
17 Broadcast Dispersed over a wide area
18 Ding To get in trouble or have wages deducted for doing something wrong
19 Badges A distinctive token, emblem, or sign worn to show rank, membership, achievement, etc. Any revealing feature or mark.
20 Willingly Adverb favorably disposed or inclined; ready
21 Back down Return
22 Thankless Receiving no thanks or appreciation
23 Dismantling To demolish or take apart; disassemble
24 Lumbering Slow moving
25 Hampers To prevent the progress or free movement of someone or something.

Definitions provided by Collins online Dictionary and WordReference.com

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