Avoid Creating New Ideas Crossword

If you have read the article from last week’s post, then you will now have a chance to put your newly learned vocabulary to the test in this crossword puzzle.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read the article then click here.  For the vocabulary, click here.

Good Luck!

Ways of thinking to avoid creating new ideas

Avoid Creating New Ideas



1. The operations department is ______ a plan to cut raw material costs. 2. John’s cell phone constantly ringing during the meeting was very ______.
3.   ______ of the budget restrictions, I think we should go ahead with the new publicity campaign. 5. You have to ______ ______ at that project if you want to meet the deadline.
4. Once we ______ what the real issue is, the quicker we can solve the problem. 5. Jill and Frank are the biggest ______ I know; they always vote no to my requests.
6. All of her ______ agreed that the best thing to do was to wait until the next financial quarter. 9. We must ______ ______ our differences until the negotiations are finished.
7. The new hires are ______ and still need a lot of training. 10. I left my last job because I felt like I was nothing more than a ______ in a wheel.
8. In order to be able to be profitable this year, we have a lot of ______ to get over. 11. “______ the moment” is what I always say.
11. The governor is working on a proposal to reduce poverty in the area’s ______.
12. The airplanes were ______ high above the city.
13. You have to have a ______ to make some difficult choices if you want to succeed.

We hope you enjoyed the puzzle. In next week’s post, we will post this crossword’s answers.  Be sure to stop by our company website by clicking here or by visiting: www.englishworkshop.com.mx

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