Win All or Win-Win?

Negotiation - No Loosers Allowed !

Negotiation – No Loosers Allowed !

The article we are going to look at talks about the attitude with which one must face in a negotiation, the spirit in which you have to play to always get the most of the deal. But is this the best strategy in the business world? When an authority or a person with certain credentials in the business world writes an article, we generally believe what they say without the need for further investigation.  In this case, we can’t possibly know because it says it was written by the staff of entrepreneur magazine and that its staff is made up of 12 people who work in different areas. Who, out of those 12, wrote the article?

There are times in which the article is ambiguous but the discussion generates some very interesting comments. This is why, in this particular reading exercise, we would like you to not only read the article but also direct your attention to the comments as well.  At the time of the writing of this post, there are 13 comments following the article. The benefit to you is that you will find some very useful colloquial vocabulary which, perhaps, may inspire you to participate in some of the discussions and provide some of your own comments.  If you need assistance or have any doubts, ask your English teacher in class.

As with most posts we write, it is recomend that to learn the vocabulary, first, look at the words and their meanings, then go to the article by clicking on the link. Finally, come back and review the vocabulary again. We hope that by following this tip, your vocabulary and English level will improve.

Marketing. Sales.
“How to Win a Business Negotiation”
Entrepreneur Staff

Click here to read the article.

Word Definition
1 Afford to manage (to do something) without risking serious consequences (used with can) ⇒ I can afford to speak frankly
2 Perceive to become aware (of) through one of the senses, esp. through sight
3 Assess to estimate or determine the significance, importance, or value of; evaluate
4 Downright ornery Downright = thoroughly; utterly, absolutely.
Ornery = having an ugly or mean disposition,obstinate
5 Trading points Areas in which two sides can agree to a mutually beneficial exchange
6 Afloat free of trouble, debt, etc., esp. with effort ⇒ he kept the business afloat
7 Yield to give; concede; grant ⇒ to yield the right of way, to yield a point
8 Milking Synonym = exploit, extract, pump, take advantage of
9 Asset anything owned that has exchange value
10 Mind-set a fixed mental attitude formed by experience, education, prejudice, etc. (also ) ˈmindˌ set
11 Reached Obtained, accomplished
12 Stated declared, esp. in specific terms; expressed
13 Distributive bargaining A system of activities instrumental to the attainment of one party’s goals when they are in basic conflict with those of the other party, for example pay bargaining.1
14 Prelude anything serving as the introduction to a principal event, action, performance, etc.; preliminary part; preface; opening
15 Broad wide in range; not limited ⇒ a broad variety, a broad education
16 Trade off an exchange; esp., a giving up of one benefit, advantage, etc. in order to gain another regarded as more desirable (also written ) ˈtradeˌ off
17 Wary cautious; on one’s guard
18 Advantage gain or benefit
19 Leverage means of accomplishing some purpose. influence, authority, clout, pull, weight
20 Stakeholders a person or group having a stake, or interest, in the success of an enterprise, business, movement, etc.
21 Out of fear Because of fear
22 Clear-cut distinct; definite; not doubtful; unambiguous
23 Shortsighted having or showing a lack of foresight. unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, impolitic, impractical, improvident, imprudent, injudicious
24 w/e Internet slang for “whatever”
25 b/w Internet slang for “between”

Click here to read the article.

Be sure to come back to put your knowledge to the test next week.  In the meantime, visit our website by clicking here or by going to

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Link for entrepreneur staff

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