Win All or Win-Win Word Search Answers

We hope you had time to resolve the word search and learn some new vocabulary in the process.  Below you will find the answers to last week’s puzzle.

Win All or Win-Win Word Search Answers

Win All or Win-Win Word Search Answers

1. to manage (to do something) without risking serious consequences (used with can). [AFFORD]
2. to become aware (of) through one of the senses, esp. through sight [PERCEIVE]
3. to estimate or determine the significance, importance, or value of; evaluate [ASSESS]
4. thoroughly; utterly, absolutely + having an ugly or mean disposition,obstinate [DOWN RIGHT ORNERY]
5. Areas in which two sides can agree to a mutually beneficial exchange [TRADING POINTS]
6. free of trouble, debt, etc., esp. with effort [AFLOAT]
7. to give; concede; grant [YIELD]
8. Synonym = exploit, extract, pump, take advantage of [MILKING]
9. anything owned that has exchange value [ASSET]
10. a fixed mental attitude formed by experience, education, prejudice, etc. [MINDSET]
11. Obtained, accomplished [REACHED]
12. declared, esp. in specific terms; expressed [STATED]
13. A system of activities instrumental to the attainment of one party’s goals when they are in basic conflict with those of the other party [DISTRIBUTIVE BARGAINING]
14. anything serving as the introduction to a principal event, action, performance, etc.; preliminary part; preface; opening [PRELUDE]
15. wide in range; not limited [BROAD]
16. an exchange; esp., a giving up of one benefit, advantage, etc. in order to gain another regarded as more desirable [TRADE OFF]
17. cautious; on one’s guard [WARY]
18. gain or benefit [ADVANTAGE]
19. means of accomplishing some purpose. influence, authority, clout, pull, weight [LEVERAGE]
20. a person or group having a stake, or interest, in the success of an enterprise, business, movement, etc. [STAKEHOLDERS]
21. Because of fear [OUT OF FEAR]
22. distinct; definite; not doubtful; unambiguous [CLEAR CUT]
23. having or showing a lack of foresight. unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, impolitic, impractical, improvident, imprudent, injudicious [SHORTSIGHTED]

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Collins American English Dictionary

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