YouTube Knocks Out Television

You Tube knocks out Television.

YouTube K.O.s T.V.

How do you decide who wins in a battle between television and YouTube? How many visits does YouTube receive per day or month? How many people access YouTube from their cell phones? How are original content creators compensated for their work? Can YouTube help a business grow? How? In the article we will be looking at, you will find the answers to these and other questions.

TJ McCue (, not only works for entrepreneurs and small businesses constructing websites and web content but is also a writer for Tech Biz Talks (, an informative website dedicated to the latest technology. In this brief article we are given a clear vision of what is happening with the giant of internet videos, its growth, the way in which it reaches its objectives and the possibilities it possesses as a marketing tool for our own businesses.  Finally, we look at the latest 10 YouTube channels with the most subscribers.

To learn the new vocabulary, we recommend that you look at the words and their meanings, then go to the article by clicking on the link. Finally, come back and review the vocabulary again. We hope that by following this tip, your vocabulary and English level will improve.

Technology. Mobile.
“YouTube Claims Victory Over TV-Battle Won With One Billion Visitors per Month”
TJ McCue

Click here to read the article.

Vocabulary to help you understand the article.

Word Definition
1 Asserted transitive verb
To state positively; declare; affirm to maintain or defend (rights, claims, etc.)
2 RBC Capital Markets A large international financial company
3 Revenue noun
The return from property or investment; income. An item or source of income([pl.]) items or amounts of income collectively, as of a nation
4 Viewership noun
The audience for a TV program. The size of such an audience
5 Spurred anything that urges, impels, or incites; stimulus to action
6 Awesomeness Noun: awesomeness.
Awesome: inspiring awe(rare) showing awe(slang) wonderful; impressive; excellent
7 Savvy noun(informal)
shrewdness or understanding
8 Leveraging Means of accomplishing some purpose. Take advantage of…
9 Building out Constructing
10 Sponsoring A person or agency that undertakes certain responsibilities in connection with some other person or some group or activity, as in being a proponent, endorser, advisor, underwriter, surety, etc.
11 Pitch (informal)
To try to sell using persuasive talk or advertising
12 Ring true To sound like the truth.
13 Across (within context)
To encompass or to contain something mentioned.
14 Dominance A dominating, or being dominant; control; authority.
(also ) ˈdominancy
15 Surge Any sudden, strong increase, as of energy, enthusiasm, etc.
16 Provided On the condition or understanding; if; providing (often with that)
17 Vaulted Over Jumped over or moved upward in comparison to someone or something.
18 Spot A locality; place ⇒ a good fishing spot. Any small area or space.
19 Host The provider of a particular service.
20 Lip-synching To synchronize lip movements with (recorded speaking or singing)
21 Bits Routine or act.
22 Among In the company of; surrounded by; included with a group of ⇒ you are among friends
23 Vlogger Combination of the words Video logger. A video journal uploaded to the internet
24 Brits An informal term for British.
25 Sketch A short, light, informal story, description, play, skit, or piece of music.

Make sure you come back next week when we put your knowledge to the test.  Meanwhile, visit our company website by clicking here or visiting


Collins American English Dictionary

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