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YouTube Knocks Out Television

How do you decide who wins in a battle between television and YouTube? How many visits does YouTube receive per day or month? How many people access YouTube from their cell phones? How are original content creators compensated for their … Continue reading

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Win All or Win-Win?

The article we are going to look at talks about the attitude with which one must face in a negotiation, the spirit in which you have to play to always get the most of the deal. But is this the … Continue reading

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Ways of Thinking to Avoid Creating New Ideas

Kaihan Krippendorff is an expert consultant. In an article based on his work in Singapore, he shares his view on 5 types of people (their thoughts and attitudes) a project leader wanting and needing to find new and creative solutions … Continue reading

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A Rule to Mastering English

As the rule states, “The more vocabulary, the better the knowledge and proficiency.” This holds true whether it be in our native language or learning a foreign language. That is why we have decided to provide help in increasing your … Continue reading

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How to Subscribe to Your Favorite Blog

Many people have asked us how to subscribe to a blog and what the advantage is.  Let’s start with the advantage of subscribing to a blog. When you like (or love) the content of a blog and you decide that … Continue reading

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