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Distrusting the Employee

Liz Ryan is an expert in human resources and one of their main concerns is how to attract and retain the best employees for each company. In her article, she talks about her vision of a system based on distrust … Continue reading

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A Rule to Mastering English

As the rule states, “The more vocabulary, the better the knowledge and proficiency.” This holds true whether it be in our native language or learning a foreign language. That is why we have decided to provide help in increasing your … Continue reading

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The First Conditional

In today’s post, we are looking at The first Conditional.  The simplest way to handle the first Conditional is to break the sentence into two halves.   Let’s look at some examples. If the client rejects our proposal, we’ll (we will) … Continue reading

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You Must Be Living Under a Rock

It was Sunday morning and Shawn was with his friend, Gerardo, and they were on their way to a restaurant to have breakfast.  Shawn’s American and his friend was from Mexico.  On this particular morning, Shawn began to talk about … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Word Search

This word search is a  great way to build your English vocabulary.  Today’s word search has words related to Thanksgiving.  Good luck! Acorns, America, Apple pie, Autumn, Celebrate, Colonists, Cornbread, Cranberries, Dessert, Dinner, Fall, Family, Feast, Gravy, Ham, Harvest, Holiday, … Continue reading

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Tips for Learning English Vocabulary

On method of learning vocabulary is to keep a journal of the words you learn.  There are a couple of different things you can do for this.  The first is to create a table showing the parts of speech.   In … Continue reading

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A Meeting with Very Little People

Viri arrived at the house with a smile. Upon entering the house, she was greeted by her husband. “So, how was the event?” Mike asked. Viri had attended the small business starter event in the town center. “Great and I … Continue reading

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